About Us

Some of the history of Charelli’s.

2003: Charelli’s opens its doors to Victoria

Charelli’s originally opened in December of 2003 in the small location where the Take Out kitchen is now. We opened as a Cheese Shop and Delicatessen in the European sense of the word, where “delicatessen” means high-quality foods and stores, and made a reputation specializing in cheeses and imported products that couldn’t be found easily.

We focused on allowing customers to request certain items that we would source, which is what made our shop so unique! We developed close relationships with our customers and engaged with them. We wanted to get to know our customers and their families so we could provide the finest quality service, which is exactly what we would expect if we were the customer!

2008: A shift in position

In September of 2008 we moved our shop to where the main part of the shop is now, maintaining the same idea and service but in a somewhat larger space.

2016: Expanding our reach and offerings

March 2016 we expanded our shop to what you see when you come in today. We have expanded our cocktail making accessories from carrying a few bitters to carrying a large line of everything needed to make specialty drinks. We have also introduced housewares and continue to expand our unique and high-end food products. We will continue to focus and increase our catering and gift packaging as well as e-commerce from our website.

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