Have you ever walked into our shop and thought... "I can't see the cheese past all the crackers!"

We have two explanations for this. One is the obvious reason - our lack of shelf space. The other is, we would like to engage with you. We want to find out what you like and don't. 

Getting to know our customers is one of our greatest priorities. Yes, it may take a few more minutes to shop with us, but hopefully you will be leaving with exactly what you wanted.


Our cheese selection varies from week to week, depending on the availability of our suppliers. Below are some of the cheese we typically carry. Please contact us if you would like to know if we have a specific cheese.
Chevre humboldt fog

Fresh Cheese

Buffalo Mozzarella

Le Dauphin.jpg

Soft-ripened or Bloomy-rind Cheese

Brie                                                             Le Dauphin
Camembert                                                Triple Creams
Pierre Robert                                              Chaumes
St. Andre                                                     Delice
Brillat                                                           St. Felicien
St. Marcellin                                                 Le Brin
Banon                                                          Chaource
Coulommiers                                               Explorateur
Le View Pane                                              Brie de Meaux
Brie de Nangis                                            Coulommiers
Boursault                                                     Truffle Brie
Pierre Robert                                              Chateau de Bourgogne

Wash-rind Cheese

Epoisses                                                      Livarot
Pont L’Eveque                                            Taleggio
Mahon                                                        Oka
Morbier                                                       St. Nectaire
St. Pauline                                                  1608
Langres                                                      Munster
Reblochon                                                 Robiola
Vacherin Fribourgeois                              Vacherin Mont D’or

Five Counties Cheddar and Blonde Ale.jpg

Natural-rind Cheese

Stilton                                                        Lancashire
Cantal                                                       Mimolette
Tomme de Savoie                                    Notstrala
Stinking Bishop                                        Beaufort
Abodance                                                Caerphilly
Cheddar                                                  Cheshire
Emmental                                                 Leyden
Mahon                                                      Raclette

Blue-veined Cheese

Stilton                                                       Roquefort
Gorgonzola                                              Cabrales
Bleu de basque                                       Tiger Blue
Buxton Shropshire                                  Bleu de bresse
Cambozola                                              Rochbaron
Cashel Blue                                             Roaring 40's
St. Agur                                                    Bleu de Gex
Bleu de Causses                                     Fourme D’Ambert

Dorset Cheddar.jpg

Uncooked, Pressed Cheese

English Cheddar                                      Morbier
Tomme de Savoie                                    Montasio
Manchego                                                Percorino
Comte                                                      Tete du Moine
Petit Basque                                            Abodance
Beaufort                                                   Caerphilly
Cheshire                                                  Emmental
Fontina D’Aosta                                       Lancashire
Leyden                                                    Mahon
Ossau Iraty                                              Provolone
Sbrinz                                                      Vacherin Fribourgeois

Le Gruyere.jpg

Cooked, Pressed Cheese

Gouda                                                      English Cheshire
French Cantal                                          Gruyere
Reggiano                                                 Appenzeller
Pecorino                                                  Etorki
Boschetto al Tartuffo                               Coolea
Wensleydale                                           Cheddar
Leicester                                                 Leyden
Mahon                                                    Provolone
Goat/Sheep Cheese

Specialty Cheese_Selles-Sur-Cher.jpg


St. Maure
Pouligny Saint-Pierre
Crottin De Chavignol
Chabichou Du Poitou