Aromi Profumati di Sicilia Organic Dried Lavender 25g



Lavender offers numerous possibilities of employment that space from the natural medicine to the world of the cosmetics and the perfumes. The flowers of the spike are used like pouches  of lavender  to perfume the places and to add to the neutral cleansers. In the kitchen lavender celebrates its rebirth.  The flowers delight eyes and palates with their beauty and their aroma. The fresh flowers are candied or add to salads, jams, glazes and ice cream. Marinated in the vinegar and to the white wine, they offer us a delicious vinegar to the grass to use for a particular vinaigrette and a wine from the delicate taste. The oven sweets and the spicy desserts to the lavender have a very refined taste.  You create a fragrant mousse of flowers of lavender or add her to your biscuits.

Product coming from biological crop, picked to the correct point of maturation, dried to the sun to 95% (inside greenhouses covered ventilate), subsequently minced to flakes or ground in dust or whole, according to the demands.

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