Calve Peanut Butter 350g


Many think of peanut butter as a mere American matter and are not aware that the Dutch also have been claiming this domain of tasty spicy peanut bread toppings since a long time. Peanut butter is called pindakaas in the Netherlands, which might sound a little bit irritating at first, because cheese is in fact not involved in the production of pindakaas. Pindakaas mainly consists of peanuts, vegetable oils, milk and butter.


 As the receipe seems simple, you may be surprised that the various pindakaas brands coming from Holland strongly differ in quality. Everyone agrees that Calve pindakaas is simply the best. It’s so creamy and aromatic that you won’t spread it on your first slice of pindakaas bread without a thrill of anticipation. Calvé pindakaas will surprise you with an excellent savoury taste you do not want to miss anymore once you have tasted it.

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