La Fabbrica Della Pasta di Gragnano Cavatappi No. 03 500g



La Fabrica Della Pasta is a real magical place … where the traditions and secrets of the past, meet with the best and latest technology, ensuring a constant and meticulous craftsmanship at the highest quality standards. The result of 3 family generations.

Every single phase of our craftsmanship is in fact taken care of step by step, with passion and dedication, in every detail. We use only the best first-extraction semolina (only the heart of the grain of wheat), combined with the water of a secular and clear source of Gragnano, rigorously drawing in bronze! Complete the extraordinary processing, a long and delicate drying at low temperature, which keeps intact the characteristics of flavor, color, roughness of the extruded paste.

1st pasta factory ever to have obtained the “Pasta di Gragnano IGP ” award!

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