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Conimex Kroepoek Naturel Shrimp Chips 73g


The Dutch cuisine really owes a lot to Southeast Asia. One of the most succesful starters in Dutch Chinese-Indonesian restaurants is prawn bread or kroepoek as the Dutch call this and tasty thin prawn cracker. Conimex krupuk or kroepoek is delicious to all sorts of digestives and aperitifs. A danger of addictivity is given however. Nobody can resist real Dutch prawn crackers for too long. In fact this is the ultimate appetizer and party cracker. Original Conimex kroepoek is the perfect attunement to any fine Chinese-Indonesian meal. Discover the exquisite Dutch Chinese-Indonesian cuisine and admit kroepoek prawn crackers the place they deserve. At the latest when you’re looking into the radiant faces of your guests and family you will be happy about your choice for Conimex kroepoek.

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