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Isigny St Mere Creme Fraiche Bio 200ml


  • France

This organic fresh cream is made exclusively from milk from certified AB farms. These milks not only benefit from the guarantees of Organic Agriculture, but also from the richness of an exceptional terroir: the Isigny terroir. They are collected every 48 hours, then sent to our receiving tanks where they undergo a first series of samples in order to be recognized as meeting quality requirements.

This is made with the greatest respect for tradition: inoculation with carefully selected lactic ferments, slow maturation in the old-fashioned way … This famous cream contains 35% fat, the thicker it is and the more its flavor will be affirmed, improving its resistance to cooking or its coating power. Its roundness in the mouth, its smoothness and its delicate tangy notes make it an exceptional ingredient for all organic-stamped culinary preparations.

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