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Valette Duck Confit 380g



Prepared in the purest South-West tradition, our confit duck legs are lightly golden, with soft flesh … very tasty and melting in the mouth!

The thighs of ducks with foie gras from the South-West are divine: carefully trimmed and salted with coarse salt, these duck confits simmer for a long time in a traditional casserole dish, over low heat in their fat. To reheat your candied thighs, place them in a dish skin side up then heat them slowly in the oven (15 minutes at 180 ° C). You will also get succulent duck legs in your pan by putting them skin side down, this time and letting them brown for 5 minutes over high heat. You can serve the duck leg confit with small sautéed potatoes or with a pan of seasonal vegetables.

The advantage of canned duck confit is that it keeps for a very long time. Small dish ideal to have at the back of your cupboard for all occasions: improvised dinners or everyday meals. Young and old alike will feast on your confit duck legs!

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