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Frantoi Cutrera Frescolio Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750ml


Extra Virgin Olive oil Frescolio Cutrera is a “novello” olive oil, that is the first oil of the new harvest of the year. It is obtained from Biancolilla and Moresca olive varieties. It has a very intense taste with fresch herbs hints. Spicy and bitter taste are present and strong.

With each bottle you will receive a mix of salt and oregano to taste the new harvest oil like people used to in the mill, on a slice warm bread, with wild Hyblean mountain oregano and Sicilian sea salt: the scents and flavours of the Mediterranean!

Fragrance: Fresh intense smell.
Taste: Full-bodied taste with a good balance between bitter and spicy and notes of fresch herbs.
Culinary use: Very good on warm bread, on bruschetta and legumes soups
Includes: Wild Oregano & Sea salt of Sicily Bruschetta sample blend

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