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Laguiole Millesime Black Corkscrew


Handcrafted in France, this Laguiole Millesime corkscrew with black horn ABS handle is built with the expert sommelier in mind. This corkscrew features a durable, easy-to-clean ABS handle with a finish that replicates that of an authentic black horn. A built-in stainless steel straight blade knife effortlessly cuts through foil, while a stainless steel open spiral worm with filet running down it is designed to cut into the cork more quickly for rapid service of your most popular wines.

This corkscrew’s stainless steel boot lever opens bottles with ease. It’s engraved with “Laguiole Millesime” as a testament to the quality of the piece. For even more versatility, a built-in bottle cap opener makes it the only piece your staff will need to carry! Use this corkscrew to open bottles at your upscale bar or restaurant, winery or catered events.

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