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Quaranta Nougat with Lemon 100g



The optimal distribution of taste guarantees a perfect sensory experience. The nougat mixture is enriched with a balanced mix of whole-fruit roasted almonds and hazelnuts, with the addition of Italian lemons naturally rich in fragrant essential oils. The nougat mixture is made according to the original recipe of 1925: cooked in the traditional nougat maker, poured hot and kneaded with manual processing; it is then troweled by hand to preserve its softness. The dough is enriched with a soft cream made by pastry chefs. The lemon fillets are placed in the dough and in decoration with a manual procedure to maintain the integrity and genuineness of the raw material. The fruit is selected by hand by expert operators, according to the size and consistency and placed one by one on the dough to ensure the best balance of flavors. The optimal distribution of taste guarantees a perfect sensory experience.The soft nougat bar is a cut with regular thicknesses that allows to preserve the fruit taste and calibrate the dried fruit content.

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