Royal Command Snail Shells 24ct



Impress your guests by using these beautiful hand-selected seashells to serve all snail appetizers. They are excellent for use in dishes such as Escargot Bourguignon with garlic and herb butter, or any salted compound butter, including butters made with garlic and goat cheese. These premium quality snail shells are harvested in France and imported to North America to provide chefs across the country who serve gourmet restaurants or at home to their families an elegant presentation while serving snail dishes.

Our extra large seashells are large enough to accommodate a chewy snail, as well as lots of delicious flavors. Each shell is hand picked before packaging, ensuring a uniform extra large size. There are 24 seashells in total, and they are approximately 1.5 to 5.1 cm in diameter, and 2.5 to 3.8 cm high.

Our goal is to ensure that every case you receive exceeds your expectations and that you are 100% satisfied. All of our shells are carefully cleaned and inspected before packaging, and can be used multiple times by simply placing your used shells in a pot of water with vinegar and then boiling them for a few minutes.

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