The Phoenicia Diner Cookbook by Mike Cioffi, Chris Bradley & Sara B. Franklin


In their debut cookbook, the Diner shares their approachable, comforting dishes that have made them a must-stop in the region, from “All Day Breakfast” dishes like Twice-Baked Potato Skillet and K-Town Shrimp and Grits to elevated classics such as Roasted Chicken with Tarragon-Honey Glazed Carrots and Chile-Braised Lamb Tostadas. The recipes reflect the Diner’s multifaceted culinary approach- a mix of all-American diner classics, and Catskills-specific items that highlight indigenous ingredients of the region and the cultural groups that have left their mark on the region (Jewish, Irish, and Dutch). The cookbook is also a celebration of the region and includes rich essays on the activities and culture of the area, culling from both its complex and fascinating history and the revival that defines it today.

Most important, the food celebrates the long history of diners as cross-cultural scrambles of sorts, where hardworking cooks from all over the world have always worked the line side-by-side and left their culinary imprint. This is delicious, no-nonsense food. Whether you dish it up with a touch of salty service is up to you.

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